Acts 1:8 Missions 

The heart of Parkway Baptist Church beats with a passion for missions. We strive to be a church who shares the life changing Message of Christ with the entire world. Our strategy includes reaching our own Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Ends of the Earth.

Our Acts 1:8 Team works to send our people out into the world to share Christ globally. Through the Acts 1:8 fund, gifts given above personal tithes and offerings go directly to fund these endeavors. 


Parkway is committed to reaching our community. Our Jerusalem team has a heart for West County and longs to share the power of Christ with our local area. We want to be a light for Jesus in West County. Through services like volunteering at local schools, community events, and Salvation Army bell ringing at Christmas time, we strive to help those closest to us know that Parkway Baptist Church cares for them as people. We pray that our efforts will display the love of Christ to those around us.



Parkway’s commitment to worldwide missions extends into our state and surrounding area. We partner with ministries throughout Missouri and Illinois to help spread the Good News of Christ. We host regular one day mission trips to missions organizations, women’s facilities and schools in the bi-state area and beyond. We also support college campus ministries in both Missouri and Illinois.



Throughout North America, people are in need of hearing the gospel of Christ in a relevant way. Our nation is home to many language groups and cultures. It is the prayer of our Samaria team that Parkway Baptist Church will help to see God transform lives all over North America. Through international outreaches on local college campuses and in our community, we are committed to sharing Christ with those who come from different backgrounds. We also have strategic partnerships with missionaries in North America where we team together to bring the saving knowledge of Christ to some of the least evangelical regions of our continent.                 


Ends of the Earth

Christ has called us to go into all the world and preach the Gospel and Parkway Baptist Church is committed to fulfilling the Great Commission. Through our giving to the Cooperative Program, we support missionaries all over the world who are dedicating their lives to share Jesus. We also take this command as a personal mandate. With this in mind, we partner with international missionaries around the world, including Europe and East Asia, to support their sharing of the Gospel through short-term mission projects and prayer. 


  Dale Baker
  Minister of Students and Missions