The Road To Parkway

The Road to Parkway is a Small Group Study to help you better understand your spiritual journey 
and how Parkway can help you along that road. The road to finding a new church home has many points along  the way.  Sometimes the pathway can be confusing. At Parkway, we provide a series of mile markers along this road the to help you grow in your relationship with Christ as you learn what it means to become a member of our family of believers.  We want you to travel along with us on the journey of growing in  Jesus.  We offer a four week small group experience where you can learn more about the steps to  growing in your Christian life, while learning more about  Parkway Baptist Church and the role God has for you here. 

The Road to Parkway is offered on Sunday mornings and consists of four distinct Mile Markers.

Mile Marker 100 - The Journey Begins
Week One of The Road to Parkway helps you to know how to become a Christian. We also discuss the pathways to church membership at Parkway. We give you an overview of our church, the Southern Baptist Convention and how these entities work so that you have a better idea of what we are all about.

Mile Marker 200 - Staying The Course
Week two will guide you through  what being a church member is all about. We will  discuss what the expectations of a church member are and what you can expect from formally joining a church. This Mile Marker is designed to help you understand the biblical mandate of church membership.

Mile Marker 300 - Holding Your Position
Week three is designed to help you understand how best to grow as a Christian. In this
week we will discuss how you can develop the HABITS Christians need to strengthen  a good relationship with Christ.  You will learn how to discover and best use your spiritual gifts. We’ll also tell you about opportunities Parkway offers to help you along the way!

Mile Marker 400 -The Open Road
Week four will help you to discover where God can use you. Whether sharing your faith with your co-worker or with a person in West Africa hearing the Good News of Christ for the first time, Mile Marker 400 will help you see the world through God’s eyes. You will find out about service opportunities and how you can begin moving towards leadership. You have made the journey your own, this Mile Marker helps you bring others along on the journey as well.


The Road to Parkway classes are offered on demand. You can sign up at the church Welcome Center on Sundays or register online by clicking HERE.